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August 28th, 2013, 21:37
I just found something odd :

The description of Memoria on Amazon says :

Spannende Story auf zwei Zeitebenen – eine davon zur Zeit der legendären Magierkriege, welche Aventurien in seinen Grundfesten erschütterten
Translation : "Fascinating/exciting story on two time levels - one of them at the time of the legendary Magierkriege", which shocked Aventuria in its foundations !"

Now, these "Magierkriege" (Magewars, Wizardwars, or how they could be translated) were something that was originally to be explored by LMK !

Now that's interesting. The Legacy of LMK finally comes back … In one form or in another …

What was never revealed was, how much was actually officially developed towards these "Magierkriege" - I mean, officially by the team responsible for TDE & Aventuria. To me, that's still a riddle.

Is Memoria now drawing from those things that were developed for the "Magierkriege" thing in LMK (about which we don't know much, either) ? Or are they using completely new material ? Either developed by Deadalic or by the current team responsible for TDE & Aventuria ?
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