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August 28th, 2013, 21:23
"Epic, MMO-inspired boss fights"? "Cinematic"? "Fully voiced"? "XBOX and PS4"? So basically they need our money because the usual-suspect publishers didn't think their pitch was good enough? Which doesn't surprise me, after watching that video. Loved the part at 4:35: "Give money to us because you haven't heard of us". Also, ugh to the 3-5 hour episodes. Even the console crowd this seems targetted at would balk at that. (I suppose I'd be inclined to wait until all the episodes are released, then buy them and play straight through)

Also, I found no real discussion of gameplay or of the resumes of the guys involved. Not a good sign that they can only name a few RPGs from the last 10 years and then talk about "aggro" at the end as if all they know is MMORPGs.
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