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August 29th, 2013, 16:59
Originally Posted by Gloo View Post
If you watch the entire video it's said that this is an option !
I'm really impressed by the work done so far on this project and as it goes by now that'll be an instabuy for me ! I recently played a bit of the original Wasteland and while watching the video I felt the same feelings as while playing , to me that's a good sign the sequel recaptured the spirit of the original. One thing bothers me a bit though, it's about how LoS appears to be dealt with here. I find it to be short sighted at best, so to speak.
Key word, hex, as in hexagon. Displaying the grid is indeed optional, but it's been changed to a square / diamond grid as opposed to the hexagon based grid shown in their "first look" video.

I think this change is a bit disappointing, but maybe doesn't matter all that much considering that combat will be primarily with ranged weapons (as Dusk suggested).
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