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August 29th, 2013, 21:55
Foundation is one of the earliest books I read and I loved it at the time. It really is an anachronism of of the young adult writer for young adult reader with just enough to make it charming. The 1980's sequels were good follow ups, showing Asimov mastery of writing, even in a style he hadn't written in in 50 years. There were some sequels written by the Killer B's that read like their own writer's novels rather than Asimov. Their doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm for the subject except in the first one.

I finished Starship Troopers after finding the audiobook on Youtube. I did the right thing and bought the eBook. It was pretty good and I hear the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book. So after that I picked up Stranger in a Strange land, which has about 4 sections to it which makes sense for a book written on and off over 20 years. It started out good but then it ended up being terrible. Its the gospel of the hippy movement and, though it recognizes the ideas have been tried for centuries it fails to predict its spectacular consequences and failure just like its predecessors, instead giving one sided justifications.

I just now finished A Scanner Darkly but Philip K Dick and this is the best novel I've ever written of his. This isn't the mind-numbing style of his earlier novels and I think its because its so real. Apparently, it was gut wrenching for him to write and his 5th wife had to really help him through it. I haven't seen the movie, but I hear its disappointing. Its a harsh book so its not for everyone.
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