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August 30th, 2013, 19:48
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
'Midengard', seriously? Someone's making full use of their Cliched Fantasy Name Generator.

Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
I'm not trying to pee in anyone's Corn Flakes, but I'm growing weary of these sorts of heroes and milieu. There's such a sameness to it all. Can anyone recommend a game, if it even exists, where it's Just A Guy who goes off adventuring and the Fate of The World doesn't rest on his shoulders? I'm so tired of the ancient, faceless evils rising from some abyss and a Chosen One must somehow, against all odds, Save The World!
If they are all modders with no original game development experience, they may want to start on somewhat familiar ground without delving into an entirely new worldscape. Plus they may simply enjoy working on that type of game.
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