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August 30th, 2013, 21:31
I do find the old lady laying in an open area dying as a little quirky.Could of at least been a house where you then enter but instead it seems like a fastly made mission that is over rather quickly.Still though its a start and I see good things coming our way in regards to the rebirth of the old school RPG's.

While I am here I wanna say my idea for RPG's and it has to do with the size people expect.Everyone wants huge 100+ hours of gameplay or they complain but for me I think the way these games should go is 20 hour games and lots of new releases.I would rather see a short 20 hour game that is superb in its content rather then the way devs make these long games with filler missions to keep the hour played range high.I wanna see different story lines at rapid rates.Give me cheaper,more compressed with creativity games that come out quicker and I would be very happy.

Project Eternity is an example of players pushing for this super long game experience.We would probably be very near release date with a superb game but players would complain like crazy and so they trudge along with creativity dwindling and trying to add new content to make the epic game.And the crazy thing is its just a few players that sit at a game for 200 hours and play every single mission while most play the main storyline.Project Eternity first release is 20 chours of excellent gameplay where you and a band of mongrols and gutter trash enter into the labyrinth of Chogall to retrieve the ^#^# and save the town of Skyrim from devestation.Then next game released a yr later with 20 hours of gameplay but in different area,different characters etc AND renewed creativity and more experience form the devs.
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