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September 3rd, 2013, 21:54

I change my mind. I have a confession to make, I only skimmed it the first time, but I ended up reading a bit more and man oh man.

You deserve an award of some kind for that post. If it were intentional trolling you'd be troll of the year or even century but I am pretty sure it's heartfelt.

First off the main reason he's a troll is he's simply lying and has no idea what wiz 7 or 8 is like and pulled every word of that out of his ass. Not because he likes "comfort". It astounds me to think anyone can be so braindead they are upset that the word kirijutsu is used (and have never heard of this?). So maybe this nonsense is a troll anyway?

Second, comments on missile weapons are another part that shows he either didn't play 6+7 or is an incredible moron. Missile weapons are very powerful but not unlimited use, you have to think where to use them, which is obviously not going to happen with this clown.

Finally, Vogel has always been mr. decline. He talks on his blog every day about how much he wants to ruin his games and how great apple is (lol) and how awesome things like achievements are. At the same time he puts himself out there as mr. indie, and anyone who doesn't support him is a giant ass and is ruining gaming. So now he finally released a game after all this and surprise surprise it's dumbed down for apple lusers like you and goziozo (if either of you play rpgs at all, seems most the people on codex today don't). So I am sure like me, they got pissed the guy changed his tune and cashed out as soon as he could, they are just a lot slower to catch on. You are too slow to ever catch on.

There's always been some support but disbelief and gentle ribbing by codexers towards cleve, at least in the old days. At least from RPG fans. It's only the completely worthless dipshits who only come to post inane political drivel who felt the need to ride cleve's balls nonstop.

Sol invictus and trash were the only ones at first (two complete shitbags who never even posted about rpgs and instead liked to talk about their feelings and how unfair the patriarchy is towards homosexual drug addicts), but over time as codex went downhill it seems like more manjinas who've never played a classic RPG jumped on board. That's both here and at codex. Guys like Goziozo and a few others here and even some moderators at codex only ever seem to talk about inane political topics from the perspective of a mentally challenged 3rd grader who gets all his vewpoints from the tv.
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