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September 4th, 2013, 00:40
Originally Posted by SkeleTony View Post
Everyone seems like a genius to someone with a double digit IQ. You know how to spot a moron in a RPG thread? They will invariably equate 'I disagree with your groundless, eratic ranting' with 'I don't know what an RPG is.' It's the way of the straw man (kind of like Ray Comfort's "Way of the Master" only stupider.).
Well for one thing you called me a moron as the first sentence towards me, which says everything about you.

The other part is that yes, you are on a forum for RPGs but don't like RPGs. So you are here just to make fun of "nerds" like cleve and myself who actually do like RPGs, or to spew out some political nonsense. Cleve is your favorite because he lines up with your imagined political enemies and your desire to stir up drama at the same time.
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