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September 4th, 2013, 01:03
Originally Posted by SkeleTony View Post
That's another thing morons who can't debate do; they call everyone who disagrees with them a "troll".
No, what they do is go immediately to ad hominem attack, which is what you did. They like to go right to racist homophobe nazi misogynist if they can, but if it's a thread purely about RPGs they have to stick to clever witicisms like moron.

Troll on the other hand is just a catchall ad himinem they use when they are the one on the defensive and can't address the criticism.

However I explained how it's obvious the poster goziozo is lying, that the poster already stated he doesn't want to play a game like cleve's but is still harassing him anyway, and that he doesn't have any kind of desire to play RPGs at all and is just here to make trouble. That's the real definition of trolls, or anyway one type of troll.
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