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September 4th, 2013, 00:37
Star Trek 2 (2013)

Or whatever the title is.

The movie starts on Nibiru. Hey, let's see how did they made the 12th planet from sumerian legends, yknow, the one covered with gold and stuff that visits our solar system every 3.600 years, as we've all read in Zecharia Stitchin's translations.
Um… You saying not all of us bought his book? Not a chance!
Excuse me. This is not Nibiru. Primitive culture, red plants? Who wrote that screenplay?

Okay, let's proceed. Look it's Mickey Smith, what's he doing in another sci-fi flick? He's one of my favorites timetravel sidewkicks! Um, I mean, Noel Clarke. WTF? He commited a suicide?
Who casted HIM for a suicidal character?

Right… Next… Scotty relieved and getting drunk? And Bones NOT being drunk all the time? Screenplay or casting, who's to blame?

Yadda yadda yadda.
Star Trek 2 is obviously ment for those who are new to the genre, who never watched old series and movies, and especially for those who don't care about misusing existing myths. In the next movie they'll probably have species called Zeus that are octopods.

There's plenty of action, just a lil' bit of humor, great visuals and definetly a stellar performance from Sherlock Holmes who probably took the role because cretin Watson sold his arse to Petr Jackson so he did a sidejob till BBC series shooting continues. Another plus in it is the sound/music.
Spitting on JJ Abrams? With that script noone can make a miracle.

Everything aside, I've actually enjoyed the movie. Honestly I've expected something like underfunded syfy channel crap as they usually do with sequels. But as I've said, you can't make a masterpiece with a bad script, all you can do is a decent sci-fi and that's what the crew made out of this movie. And I can only respect that.

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