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September 4th, 2013, 11:13
I think its a bit too grindy. I just started to play it again after two years of pause and now Im allready starting to feel the grind. Just yesterday I killed atleast hundred enemies. If I would sum it up I would propably have killed entire armies in this game. Need to check the kill-counter.

Dragon Age goes like this:

1. Go to next room
2. Kill all enemies
3. Loot all shiney
3. Go back to 1.

Single quest can have dozens if not hundred repeats of this loop. It just gets too old. I think i should go back to playing ultima underworld or ultima 7. Those had interesting beliavable locations and battles were not endless.

Or maybe even betrayal at krondor? Hmm. Maybe yes. I never played the sequels.

If I would have to name good modern rpg I would say return to shadowrun. Its not filled with endless encounter-loops. Just wish it had working save-function.
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