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September 4th, 2013, 16:41

If you ask me this was an awsome choice for a title. Why? After being done in with the game of the same title, I've expected here boring and annoying endlessrespawning zombie alien grinder with no story.

What I've got? A light character study, a fresh postnuclearwar story, a touch on (possible) problems with clones, a huge new perspective on manipulation of ppl and not a single boring/annoying scene. Endless respawns? You won't find them in this game movie, once dead, one's dead, not even machines are immortal.

I've heard some say it's scientology movie, sorry folks, I didn't see anything that even resembles any kind of religion in this movie so no, it's not about sects nor is glorification of a sect. It's a pure sci-fi nicely done.

There's however the same old "but".
Stargate. The Independance Day. Clarke's third Odyssey. Even the movie I've talked about on the previous page. I'm really concerned about the trojan horse solutions in every single sci-fi. Why is it impossible to use some other idea?

Simply put, this movie is not a masterpiece. And since the ending didn't solve a certain question, let's hope the sequel will be.
Because instead of Bethesda's Oblivion boredom we got a worth watching entry in the genre:

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