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September 4th, 2013, 19:02
Originally Posted by ManWhoJaped View Post
I at least haven't made any attack on anyone.
Apparently, you and I have a different comprehension of the English language. You bumped a 10 MONTH OLD post with the sole intention of launching a rambling (and, at times, unintelligible) attack. You pulled the same shit in the other Grimoire topic (but that post was "only" 3 MONTHS OLD). Pretty pathetic, all in all. Did you go off your meds, per chance??

I liked Wizardry 8 a lot. I didn't like Wizardry 7 at all. Deal with it!!! How can someone's opinions make them a liar??!! I constantly spew forth political nonsense?? Last I checked, I only made one post in the Politics & Religion forum. I don't mind an intelligent, civil debate, but I have no use for ignorant, borderline psychotic, assholes such as yourself. As for Cleve…I'm done talking about him.

If you can't comport yourself in a remotely rational and civilized way, then feel free to crawl back under your rock. I'm sure that you won't be missed one bit…
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