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September 5th, 2013, 16:10
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Thanks for the interview. Unfortunately, not having played DAII, I still don't understand what the combat system will be like. Is it like: I pause, give my party commands and AI rules/packages and then I jump into action combat with my main character (click to strike, hotkey to cast, etc.), until I pasue againg? Or what?
How would I e.g. pull of spell combos as in DA:O in such a system?
DAII combat was like DAO for the control part (auto-attacks, hotkeys, tactics, pausing, switching characters, etc). It just didn't have the overhead tactical view. Only console had an optional click-to-strike feature as well. Animations were faster and over the top in some cases (lots of knockback and jumping). The combo system was crap though (and quite limited). There was no spell combos like in DAO, but it didn't stop Pull of the Abyss + Firestorm being op when used together…

Going by the the pre-alpha demo, they are bringing back DAO more than sticking to DA2. Animations aren't as over the top, they are slower, but still faster than DAO. You can see the return of the "shatter" effect in that demo too. Tactical view is back as well. No word about spell combos, but it might be replaced by a more organic system, more thing like fire spell set grease (boat too!) on fire and less X + Y makes spell Z.
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