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September 5th, 2013, 17:52
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So, I can pause, que up commands, unpause and watch my rogue do a superhuman DA2 flip over my enemy's head to pull off a backstab? Theyre trying to play both sides of the fence here, which is exactly what they did with DA2. You may recall how, early on in the DA2 hype, they kept emohasizing how they were going to preserve the tactical play of DA:O (which I personally didn't think was very good to begin with) and refused to acknowledge, until much kater on, that the overhead view had been dropped.

Forgive me if I doubt what they say is actually going to happen.

They may have said that they were going to preserve tactical play, but they were pretty clear from early on that the overhead view was being dropped in DA2. If I recall, they had said something about it not fitting into the design of the game. And for the record, you could play DA2 in a pause/issue commands/play tactical manner, it just didn't work well without the overhead view.

It sounds to me like they are making a point to make DA:I feel as much like DA:O as possible. They are obviously aware of how the previous game fared (sales aside, the internet backlash was pretty hard to miss), and these early previews keep highlighting the various features that they are bringing back or expanding upon from DA:O. It's clear that their mission is to woo back the disgruntled DA:O fans.

Given that I felt that combat was one of the better aspects of DA2, I love the idea of combining the overhead tactics of DA:O with the smoother action of DA2.
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