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September 6th, 2013, 20:36
yw Sherwin. Thanks for your response.

here's the last weekend update. as in my update from last weekend.

After consulting some friends I added the rest of spells. I was looking for some ideas other than combat spells and one of them came up with XRay. So far that is the only one that doesn't quite work like its supposed to but I'll get that cleared up.

With all these spells I needed to update the sound effects. I can't get sounds to work in my emulator, Oracle's VirtualBox. There's a new solution to making it work in VMWare so I'm looking at that.

I had my nephews do some more testing. One was more interested in the movie that was playing, the other wouldn't stop resting to increase his mana to blow up kobolds in the same room over and over again. Its good to know the game can keep someone enthralled.

It also shows I need to allow mana to increase by exploring rather than just sleeping. His step mother might not allow me to come over with the game with all the annoying noises she kept hearing from it.

I'm going to try finish off XRay this weekend and then maybe get started on the intro and ending. There's a number of balance issues and a few small problems that pop up that need to taken care of.


The worst thing I've discovered though is someone has already made an Android game called Wizard War. Its a simple RTS as near as I can tell.

I need a new name for the game. I was thinking Wizard's Eye (kind of a reference to that old MS-Dos game with the randomized text dungeon).

However, maybe I'll ask Spud to contact a poll.
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