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September 9th, 2013, 02:37
NoobFeed has a short preview of Blackguards with some new info.

Daedalic has revealed more information regarding the story and characters of their upcoming title, Blackguards. Itís a gritty turn-based RPG in the vein of XCOM, but set in the expansive fantasy universe of The Dark Eye. Unlike XCOM, the moving system will be hex-based similar to the way units move in the Civilizations games, which will provide a lot more freedom when it comes to positioning your party members.

Unlike in most RPGs, where you play the knight in shining armor trying to save the world, in Blackguards you will assume control of a condemned criminal. You will be able to pick from three class-archetypes: warrior, mage and hunter; but the game also gives you the possibility of customizing your class to your liking by choosing the expert mode.

After princess Elanorís suspicious death, you, the princessí childhood friend, are wrongly accused and sentenced to death for her murder. In order to escape this cruel fate youíll have to rely on some shady characters that wonít be necessary trustworthy. But beggars canít be pickers, so youíll settle for whatever help you get.
More information.
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