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September 10th, 2013, 01:04
Those are hi-larious; others pretty darn good. Getting the word Arcane in there might help. I think Unlucky Wizard might be more appropriate considering you're trapped in a dungeon.

This week I've more polish on the game. My nephews complained the wrong the messages were coming up since I used the "Heal" alpha image as my placeholder. I filled on those in with the proper names at the cost of my elbow on my desk after using the mouse so much. I also moved the weapon image to its own line to keep it from getting squished.

You might remember me reporting in a previous post that Android before a certain level can not resize normal text fonts. I had to create a image words and display them as the backgrounds of buttons to make them size properly.

I now have the enemy bosses casting spells. This wasn't working at first it seemed to me. In fact, it turned out to be a grpahic issue - they were casting magic missile but it was appearing like a sling attack. I could tell because their mana was going down.

I then fixed it so they cast the rest of the combat and heal spells in some rudimentary AI based on their level and current mana. Only I noticed they only kept casting Missile.

After some study I found their health going up while still giving me damage from missile it appears. I think what is going on is they are casting heal when appropriate then attacking with their ranged weapon which is populating with the Missile values. Weird. Further investigation is needed.

Just need to polish up the X-Ray spell then get the enemy wizards to cast the unusual spells when appropriate then I just need to script the intro and the ending.


Just a note - its September, so if you look at the original post its now been one year since a I started this game.
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