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September 10th, 2013, 11:01
Played Book of unwritten Tales, Critter Chronicles, Chains of Satinav and New Beginning this year (all made in Germany). Thats more adventures than played within the last 10 years alltogether.

My guess is, that adventures are probably in average too casual for kickstarter and people are not as invested in adventures as they are in RPGs. Also you play an adventure for 10 hours or so, while you might put a hundred hours into a RPG.
Personally I did not back the Double Fine Adventure, but backed like 15 old school RPGs or tactic games on Kickstarter, including "massive chalice".
Adventures can be really cool but they are something I buy when walking by, not something I am looking forward to for months or years. And I guess that is the same for a lot of people.

But europeam developers and lower operating costs? Really? I mean I don't know the numbers but that sounds like a bad excuse as saying that solar energy works better in Germany because Germany is a very sunny place.

I think the reasons for Adventure games being more successful in Germany are to be found in things like Germany being still a PC-nation while Adventures are a PC-Genre. Adventures are more accepted in Germany because they have more of this "educational" or "logical" vibe and normally don't focus on violence/action. So if parents want so buy a present for their son they might prefer to buy an adventure instead of a FPS (but these parents will probably not invest in Kickstarter).
In addition it's probably easier to get voices in German versions which excel in what they are doing. I mean did you ever play a game with the voice of Leonardo di Caprio, Julia Roberts and Brad Pit at once? In Germany we do. Voice acting in the German Versions of adventures is really excellent in most of the recent cases and they are using voices which you recognize and love.
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