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September 10th, 2013, 13:06
Unnoticed by maybe most you, Al Lowe has done a new Larry Laffer adventure game !

And since it's on his own web page, it's quite sure that this game was made with his influence - in contrast to the one before.
The "digital download only" is incorrect, because it is sold in German retail as well - in a boxed version.

As an interesting side-question : Why are WiSims (econony simulations) so popular in Germany, but unknown by the rest of the world as well ?
I think that the answer to this question might also lead to the answer why adventure games are so popular here in Germany …

Perhaps it's a thrive for/with details ?

Besides, download-only adventure games don't sell that well as well in Germany, I believe. Especially tying Satinav's Chains to Steam was hurting the game, I believe, since I've been talking to relatively many people same-minded as I am : Germans not going to buy it because it has Steam. Plus, I can see it still fairly often at retail. And that's bad for an TDE game.

I suspect that especially older German "casual players" dislike Steam. But I have no data to proove my suspicion.
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