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September 10th, 2013, 12:49
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
Wow. Just wow.
Thanks! A little story and showcase I put on nexus, enjoy!

With Bleak Falls Barrow successfully behind them, and Grim's purse filled with reward gold from Lucan of the Riverwood Traders for returning his golden claw, Grim hurried on his way to warn the Jarl about the Dragon. He felt a little guilty about the side trip to the barrows but he needed money if he was going to travel and get supplies.

Wolfgar would do his best to run along side Grim's long strides but now and then Grim would pick him up and carry the little fur ball to give his little legs a rest. He was a bit embarrassed by how attached he had become to the little runt; if word got out it was going to hurt his image as a big tough mercenary!

It was late afternoon by the time they set out but Grim didn't want to waste any more time. They followed the path Alvor had told them about, soon descending down the path to Whiterun. Grim stopped to admire the waterfalls and caught some salmon that he fed to Wolfgar along the way.

Wolfgar trots to keep up, with Dragon Reach in the background.

The two mercenaries continued along the path, past the local meadery and farms with their large windmills, until they reached the stables outside of Whiterun proper. Waving to the carriage master, Grim continued up to the entrance gates to the hold.

Wolfgar crossing the drawbridge into Whiterun Hold.

Nighttime has descended as Grimulfr Enters Whiterun.

The guards refused to let a stranger wake the Jarl, regardless of his tale of dragons, and was told he could see him first thing in the morning. Grim shrugged and decided to get some hot food, cold ale, and get some sleep. So he and Wolfgar headed to the Bannered Mare for the night, a local tavern and favorite of the locals according to the Guard he spoke with.

Grimulfr wasn't in the mood to socialize and Sigurd eyes him warily after trying to buy Grim a drink.

Grimulfr heads to bed, taking a last look at the crowd down below.

The next morning does nothing for Grim's temper as it looks like it will be a very wet and damp day.

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