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September 11th, 2013, 12:27
Now the campaign finished, I ask who backed this project. At the beginning of the campaign, the lead designer dismissed TB combat and immediate control on each action of each unit. The former is what old-timers associate JRPG with and the latter is the feature of almost all RPGs. So, there are no existing gameplay stereotype. As for exploration, how much could we expect from JRPGs? Even the fixed, non-interactive story seems to be quite confusing, due to the collaboration of the girlish Japanese writer and grumpy Brit one. At most, I cannot figure out what could become of this project at all and suspect only anime fans who play games can support this one.

That said, I think this project did remarkably well, considering it's not being spiritual successor of anything, nor having well-known designers and any gameplay footage. Glancing at their stretch goal lists, they seem to have been ridiculously ambitious by aiming at somewhere more than Project Eternity or Torment. However, they did much better than something like Wildman (except that Chris Tayler is famous to some extent and he would have done better if he had gone for a spiritual successor of his past works). Personally, I didn't back this one for the obvious reasons but am quite curious of the possible motivations of non-anime fans who backed it.
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