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September 12th, 2013, 02:02
Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion

But in a weird twist I like some systems from Oblivion better than they are in Skyrim, mainly because they are closer to how they are in Morrowind.

I love the Elder Scrolls mostly for the lore and in that regard Morrowind will always win.

Also, I reflect now the static-ness of Morrowind was actually a plus. Oblivion and Skyrim both feature open-warfare. They both start in an open-warfare scenario. In Oblivion it starts with the Oblivion Gates in Kvatch, Skyrim starts with the execution scene in Helgen.

You can ignore it in Oblivion by forgetting about the Main Quest, in Skyrim you can engage it if you join the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks (I haven't played either scenario yet, they might be good), if you don't engage the civil war, the only time you come across it is in side-missions ore a diplomatic mission within the main quest. Another win for Skyrim over Oblivion because it's more optional.

In Morrowind it was kind of an underground war, you eventually took the fight to the enemy but with the exception of the sleepers and dreamers popping up in the cities it didn't effect the world outside of the Ghost Fence since you basically stopped them before they became a big threat.

In Morrowind I felt more Jack Bauer/Jason Bourne, while in Oblivion and Skyrim I felt more Arnie with a mini-gun.

In the way they promoted Skyrim with the basic Nord 'Dragonborn' character, I feel like we won't have a shady/agent Nerevarine -esque character ever again. I don't think I ever heard them market Nerevarine before Morrowind was released but then again Morrowind wasn't the sequel to Oblivion (which was the sequel to Morrowind) so I doubt there was any major marketing at all.

I haven't truly played Arena and Daggerfall but from the Storylines at the Imperial-Library.info it seems the Daggerfall hero was more the Jack Bauer type and the Arena hero more the Arnie with a Mini-Gun type.
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