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September 12th, 2013, 17:32
We started and finished Sentinels last week. We did not run the "extra" Sentinels quest, just the main 4.

On deck this week, we have Delera's 2-4 (4 is the non-quest quest). Hopefully, everyone gets level 10 once that's over because we're done with level 7 content at that point. Actually, we should take the level (those that can) and finish Delera even if some have to do it underlevel. Aletys should have her Voice before we do the XP-rich Necro and VoN chains. So that's the official plan for Friday: Delera 2-4, take level, Delera5. That should fill out our time reasonably well. Perhaps we should help Az out by splitting the groups with a zerg/tourist approach. I think I can do that and still balance the party make-ups, if we want to take that approach.

We've got a buttload of level 8 content to tackle (part of Threnal, Necro2 flags, part of VoN, numerous house quests) with loads of XP available, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if some of us have to run a few quests underlevel to pick up toon level 10. We'll probably all be holding next level before we finish this batch of content.

Technically, we should skip one of those chains, but there's not really a good one to axe. We've got several folks that need to upgrade their Silver Flame Amulet. We've committed to running the VoN raid. We WILL run Threnal this time around because we always skip it and I'm being a dictator and I say so dammit. Most likely, we end up ignoring most of the house quests this time thru because Peter and Aletys will probably be spending a fair bit of time on the ceiling.
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