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September 12th, 2013, 19:50
We probably can't do them all. There's just too much content at level 8 thru 10 and we'd all (even the third lifers) be sitting on the ceiling for long periods.

So then it becomes a question of what to give up. Traditionally, our answer to that question has been Threnal. When Threnal first came out, it was a terrible pack so everybody was more than happy to skip it. They've fixed it now, but old opinions die hard.

Unfortunately, even when we punt on that, we still end up with too much content because there are lots of good/useful/fun house quests in that range. Throw in the fact that some of the most "profitable" chains in the game XP-wise are Necro2 and VoN, and a tough problem just gets worse.

Add in our ability to run raids and a worse problem gets darn near unsolvable. We've never run VoN5/6 and Tempest Spine with our group and still had too much content at these levels.

It doesn't get any better for quite a while, either. We've got Red Fens, Threnal, and VoN at 9. Level 10 does get a little better if we punt on Restless Isles (lure: never run it, plus raids) and Ataraxia (lure: not much, has become a make-up area for 3rd lifers), but then we roll right in the Desert and Necro 3. Level 12 is probably the first place where there's a lull in the content, and remember we don't see that until toon level 14.

edit- your plat problems will go away once you start farming the Shroud. Even doing some decon, it's not unusual to pull down 10k plat per run. If you don't decon, 15k isn't out of reach. It adds up in a real hurry.
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