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September 13th, 2013, 02:22
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Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Even with the demo it's hard to say how much of a milestone it is. It's not the first time a demo has been released, and it's unclear to me just how much progress was really made between the current one and the one from over 15 years ago. Certainly a lot of the areas are the same.
Basically, there are two possibilities:

1) Cleve is a fraud and there isn't more to his game than what makes up the demo and the possibly soon-to-come superdemo.

2) The game is mostly done, but Cleve outright lied about the game being in a releasable state by May 2013

I believe in 2, but I realize that all kickstarters are risky ventures, even with Cleve's sketchy promise that "completion isn't subject to funding", because completion could mean anything. Though I think we really have to take into account Cleve's perfectionism, or maybe OCD, which I also genuinely believe in by now. I'm sure it's not just laziness or lack of work that's to blame for the late delivery.
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