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September 13th, 2013, 01:27
This is a difficult question. The IP was illegally sold from Sir-Tech to Sir-Tech Canada for an estimated 50 000k just before Sir-Tech went bankrupt. It was then caught up in a lawsuit for over a decade by the actual owners, Robert Woodhead and Andrew Greenberg. When Wizardry 8 was released Werdna and Trebor managed to successfully sue in the State of New York because they sold many copies there. They received about 39k of the 50k in escrow from the bankruptcy judge rather than the $150k they asked for.

What I don't understand is where they came up with the number "as experts" as the judge said they represented themselves instead of using the sales figures for the game.

The other thing is, since the ownership of the name of the name belonged to them (it was licensed from them. Sir-Tech did not own it. It was one of the earliest PC games ever made and copyright law was still questionable so the way companies were going to market games was still in flux), why did they agree to take the cash? By doing this did they not sign over their rights to Wizardry?

Since the Japanese Wizardry's were around since the NES the agreement goes way back. Since this company has been allowed to make a trailor and Steam has re-published the game the ownership seems to me to be either inactive Currie lead Sir-Tech Canada, or whomever they sold/licensed it to. At least for the NA version
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