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September 13th, 2013, 13:48
That was a good read (though exhaustingly long)
Some thoughts I'd like to note about adventure games:

1. I've heard a lot of laments for them over the years but I never shared them, I was always able to find a decent adventure game when I felt like playing one - and I've played a lot of them.

2. Those golden age masterpieces that we keep mentioning are how many? a dozen or so? and that's mostly LucasArts games. There were even back then hundreds of otherwise fine games that didn't achieve such greatness and we either choose to conveniently ignore them or just give them a 'classic / better than today's games' status regardless of their shortcomings.

3. Recent games that try to do things differently are not really all that different at their core. The Walking Dead might not have complicated puzzles but it really just succeeded at what adventure games have been trying to do for decades: get the player deeply involved in an interactive tale - TellTale didn't move away from their roots, they just realized that obtuse puzzles was not the most efficient way to achieve this old goal. Another example: when playing LA Noire I realized that it has so much in common in its gameplay design (and the setting for that matter) with Mean Streets, the first Tex Murphy game from 1989, that it feels more like a 'proper sequel' to it than any of the real Tex Murphy games did!
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