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September 13th, 2013, 12:55
Wizardy 8 has the best tactical combats I have seen in a first person party-based RPG. Much more complex than M&M series. But as mentioned above, wizfast is a must. Without that little savior program crowded battles can easily take 1 hour. Also it features many races, clases and skills, so allows for very different character builds and playstyle. Although I loathe monster respawning, the respawning system that is used in W8 never bothers me. I think it’s due to this tactical options. Leveling system is a combination of classic experience points plus skill improvments with use (like Elder Scroll games). Plus with free-roaming and a decent, epic story make this game an all time classic (at least for me). I recommend GOG version to those who want to play this semi-forgotten gem instead of Steam. At least it’s DRM free.

Although I appreciate re-releasing the game for popular gaming platforms, seeing Night Dive Studios’ logo on the trailer seems a bit blasphemy to me. Like beating the dead body. I hope their attempt won’t stay with re-releasing W8 and they would develop a Wizardy 9 in the future. I don’t know who holds the license to what extend for future Wizardy games (I think some Japanese company); but if I were them I would acquire the license, gather experienced RPG developers, make an agreement with D.W.Bradley (although I’m sure not many agree with me about that) from W6,W7 and W&W fame, also start a decent Kickstarter project for that. That would be awesome.
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