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September 13th, 2013, 14:34
Originally Posted by Gloo View Post
I see but frankly I do not remember being attacked by shopkeepers at all. Maybe that was corrected in the European commercial version ?
Truth be told, I myself have played two different copies of Wiz 7 (although they were patched identically) just recently, and one of them was decidedly easier than the other, including rolling of bonus points in character creation. But IIRC in both games, getting that Umpani in the first town to sell you weapons instead of bashing your head in wasn't easy… either way, you certainly remember that you had the option to attack NPC's including shopkeepers? It works the other way round, too. Though, if you've played Wiz Gold, diplomacy is simply not needed from what I heard. I'd take that to mean that all neutral NPC's start out as friendly towards you.




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