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September 13th, 2013, 22:28
Neither is Dragon Age: Origins filled with endless encounter loops. I'd say the structure is more like:

1. Enter hub. Talk to people.
2. Find out problem and go to solve it.
3. Que combat encounters.
4. Complete sub-plot and make a major decision about who you're going to side with.

Rinse, repeat. Although I can understand people who hated the long grinding combat of the Deep Roads and The Circle Tower. That wasn't all Origins was composed of however and you could spend as much time talking to people in Ostagar, Ozarmmar or Redcliffe as you could fighting there. For me it was a fair balance save for the Deep Roads and Circle Tower.

While there are three classes, each have several specializations with more added with Awakening allowing for sub classes. I've literally created four different warriors who are each different from one another. My first one was a two handed warrior focusing on damage who eventually leveled up in the templar spec becoming an effective warrior against mages. My second was a sword and shield warrior focusing mainly on being defense. My third was a sword and shield warrior who was a damage dealer and distractor and my forth was an AoE two handed warrior who eventually became a spirit warrior unlocking some rather magical abilities which would deal spirit damage as well as make him immune to most attacks and also enhancing his combat speed with the addition of Blood Thirst. He was based mainly on buffs and activated abilities though.
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