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September 13th, 2013, 23:35
Originally Posted by Icefire View Post
None of these lists should ever be taken seriously. All they are is someones opinion, or in this case, a popularity contest.

The fact TES has reached where it has is disgraceful. Skyrim only sold so well because of the extensive marketing that occurred ever since it was announced. You couldn't go anywhere a year prior to Skyrim without an ad for it trying to jam its one inch shallow penis down your throat. The marketing wasn't even trying to appeal to RPG gamers either, it was trying to appeal to the best selling game out there which is CoD and it successfully made them covet Skyrim which was (in gameplay too) a game for this audience. I can't blame Bethesda for that (they know where the money is) but that's what this is all about.

This is testament to the gamers of today who would rather play a shallow hold your hands game which gives you no challenge than a game with actual depth to it and a story-line you can influence.

Hopefully GTA wins otherwise we'll never hear the end of TES fanboys declaring it "game of the decade" will we? I don't think GTA deserves to be up there either but at least Rockstar's games have better stories, writing and characters than TES.


Oh it won? What a fail. Such is the state of the gaming industry where such a broken shallow game is hailed as being superior over the likes of The Witcher, Dark Souls and original Fallout games. We all know people were voting for Skyrim (its in the comments) and not for the past TES games, the only one of which was remotely decent being Morrowind.
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