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September 18th, 2013, 23:36
I do not think for a second that Acti-Blizz would get rid of something willingly that creates considerable revenue for them. Like it was mentioned above, a month ago they said AH removal on PC will never happen. Something must have changed, I'm guessing it became somehow irrelevant, or un-economic to upkeep, otherwise Activision would never have allowed the complete removal.

Also, consider the tremendous backlash they got when PC owners found out that console owners will have lots of the features PC owners wanted from the beginning (no AH, local coop, better loot system, etc). They felt betrayed, having already payed for the product and only getting a lesser version. I guess they added things up and decided to transform their not-so-glorious revenues from the RMAH into some hard goodwill currency with the PC gamers. That, combined with the fact that the expansion is coming up, could lighten up people who are now fallen out with the game and make them buy again.

The important thing now is that instead of playing Auction House 3, people can try to find gameplay fun (not that it's there, but it's up to them).
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