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September 19th, 2013, 07:52
Larian Studios Swen Vincke has posted a new update on his blog going over what he learned with Kickstater, Dragon Commander, and Original Sin.

I have these little notebooks in which I write down my thoughts. Every day I fill a couple of pages with new observations, questions and decisions. Whenever a notebook is full, I put it in a drawer, there to stay until the drawer is full at which point I empty the drawer, and put the notebooks in a box. I really donít know why I bother with it, because I rarely read what I wrote, but I guess it helps me organise my thoughts. It also makes it look like Iím paying attention in meetings Iím not particularly interested in

If youíd take the notebook that says January 2013, youíd see that I listed as major tasks for 2013, the organising Divinity: Original Sinís kickstarter, releasing Dragon Commander and releasing Divinity: Original Sin. At that time, I only had hopes and aspirations and I really didnít have a clue whether or not my plans were going to work.

Taking risks is of course part of the metier of running a game development studio, and thereís only that much that you can do to cover your bets. You know certain things will go wrong, you hope more things will go right. So last night, I started thinking about how we were doing compared to what I hoped for at the start of 2013Ö
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