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September 19th, 2013, 12:12
Dragon Commander outsold Dragon Knight Saga 3 to 1 in its first month and will be profitable
Very nice to know. Very happy for Larian

My next job is to finish and release Divinity:Original Sin, something that given the scope of the game will be quite an undertaking. In a way it’s the one task I’m the most nervous about, probably because I have the feeling that that’s the game where our players expect the most from us.
You got that right there!

Good to see that DC was also a learning experience that I hope will translate to DOS.

Also couldn't agree more with Swen: While I am indeed one of the Dinosaurs who would like retail boxes (at least for the important/memorable games that come out), it is obvious that this is a game for bigger companies… Indies and mid tier/semi independents are obviously better served diverting their resources on the actual product. I am more than happy to forego my retail box preference and maximize my support for companies like these in that manner…
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