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September 19th, 2013, 14:58
My reading is that retail is out and digital is in. In some ways I'm sad that DC did better than DKS as I very much enjoyed DKS. DC rts portion was not much to my liking. In some sense the base building really spoiled it - i much rather have something closer to TW or King Arthur or at the very least AOW (turn base). The key piont being that you bring the armies into battle; you don't build bases and build more armies. But having said that the overall mechanics for the RTS just didn't work for me. I really liked King Arthur RTS portion and AOW's turn base (TW was fun but i think the first two were much better). If DC had been able to improve the combat portion I would be more favorable towards the game. I think the dragon is the primary reason they went with RTS but no clue why the focused on base building.
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