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September 20th, 2013, 15:55
As I always say, stupid scores for stupid expectations (not directed to this review-it's just what I think about review scores in general). That said, should it come as a surprise that major site user reviews tend to be more forgiving than those of so-called RPG hardcore sites? Also, if linearity is really a problem, how can anybody stand today's AAA titles? In any case, if I were a dev, then, I'd avoid hardcore RPG fans as targets since they are tough to please, which put too many things at risk. Then, eventually, will it come down to the loop in the end, again since it's the same reason why AAA game makers began to avoid them? Considering the given scope of the game, which I turned out to have had much better idea than the most, I don't see SR is going to satisfy hardcore RPG fans in near future. So, should I wait till something like Wastelands 2 to see if Kickstarter really works for hardcore RPG fans?
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