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September 20th, 2013, 16:50
I have to disagree on two things:

- Art. The word cartoony is certainly appropriate for characters wobbling around with huge torsos on tiny legs. It might not be out of place for Shadowrun, but it can certainly rub people the wrong way (I think we can argue convincingly that such a style is directly opposed to grittiness).

- The writing. It's certainly ok if you like dime novels; but that's about what you can expect here. A game with a serious 50s film noir touch would be served well with it, but a dystopian setting, not so much.

The two points above may be seen in a different light by Shadowrun afficionados, but they aren't the only people in the target group. So that leaves us with the combat system and editor.

Combat is heavy on the popamole factor; micromanaging your AP is the way to win, rather than choosing from a wealth of options (which you don't have). This makes combat seem very gamey, and, as you said, it can be pretty boring, especially with a character built for combat. Even just running up and stomping on everyone's face as an Adept is often enough to win.

So, the editor. A powerful tool that may result in some awesome things. But that's in the future.

Considering all this I find 2/5 for the original game+campaign to be more appropriate, but that's close to GBG's verdict.




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