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September 20th, 2013, 18:26
Hmm. A game that really wants to be Mass Effect, with a fraction of the Mass Effect budget, yet apparently aiming for full voice-acting - easily costing more than the kickstarter money itself. In fact, even the AAA titles with full voice-acting have to cut down the story, so that the costs won't be too high. Full 3D graphics, too, another money sink (and looks properly outdated, too). The same terrible kind of dialogue wheel as in new BioWare games. Placed in 'rich and unique universe', which is one the most contrived and cheesy sci-fi settings I've ever heard of, with tentacled space-vampires and additional rapey overtones. And let's face it, vampires are not that unique anymore. Releasing on everything, including iOS. As a bonus you can get Jennifer 'I dislike gamepley, but want to work in game industry for some reason' Hepler as lead writer.

Yeah, makes one wonder why people are not throwing cash at this game.
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