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September 20th, 2013, 19:21
While you can have any opinion of course, I think you cannot expect for an RPG to have multiplayer.

To implement multiplayer in an RPG requires lots of changes in Game Design decisions.
Of course you can implement multiplayer the "easy way" like in BG1. But of what use is that? One guy does all the talking while other has to wait or even applies pressure to hurry for the player doing the dialogues.

If an RPG should implement multiplayer it has to be designed from scratch to do so, like they are doing with Dvinity Original Sin. Or how they did it with SWTOR (though it's an MMO).

While I understand that you would have liked a MP mode, and I am a huge MP fan myself, I think for an RPG it is an extravagant feature where you can't blame anyone for not implementing it.
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