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September 21st, 2013, 05:34
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
…I see what the $1 mentally does to the iOS appstore and the qualtiy of the games there, and I really start to be afraid that people become so used to these sale prices that fewer and fewer will buy games at full price….
The ios market has always been a very special game market. The price drop down has many reasons but many of those reasons are very specific to this market:
  • The platform pushed to smaller and more casual games ie games that could have a very low production cost.
  • The top sells list constantly updated by Apple and put in front has a bigger influence than in other market because many buyers won't be real gamers.
  • It's a market that attracted very fast small indies newcomers and build a name/trademark is important for them. It generated a practice of very low sales pushing the game in top sells and increasing a lot the number of sells.
  • Moreover right or wrong a practice of free sale during a short period got the reputation of being a strong marketing tool. It generated a muliplication of free "sales".
  • Since many years the prices are constantly recorded and you can get instant alert on games prices or check prices history of any game. So a game that did a sale has hard time to sell at a more standard price.
  • The much smaller production cost generated a very competitive market with constant flow of talented newcomers coming on the market. This was increasing the battle of sales.
There was a conjunction of characteristics of the market that contributed to the rapid drop down of prices. No market cumulates that series of conditions and if Steam could look a bit the same, it's still overall very different conditions.

So I don't think the ios game market can be used as a model for comparison, even less with the PC game market.
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