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September 21st, 2013, 20:42
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
I might pick it up when and if it ever gets keyboard support. No controller will ever be connected to my PC.
Lol, I'm totally incompetent with any gamepad, not a pro with mouse+keyboard but at least a little more skilled. But one game made me changed my mind on this, it's not a major game, it's a game with mouse+keyboard controls but it was a lot more pleasant to play with a gamepad, it's Dungeon Siege 3. I'm playing now a second grade game, but I also think I wouldn't like it much with mouse+keyboard because its controls, the game possibilities and gameplay design are designed for gamepads.

Add modifiers design, multiply little commands, add some action menu, and then keyboard+mouse control become a burden if keyboard control movements and mouse the camera/direction. Just look at PC "first person/over the shoulder/third person" RPG how simplistic they are when they implement long range or close range fights, from magic to sword fighting a lot of the fights design quality rely on enemies design and movement management not on multiplicity of actions/spell available quickly during the action. But the game need on a start a design for such controls devices.

I mean there's a good chance this game won't benefit of mouse+keyboard controls.
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