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September 22nd, 2013, 01:38
Sony Online Entertainment has a new interview at gamesindustry.biz with the Director of global community relations Linda Carlson. Let it be said watch what you say anywhere online because you can now be banned from their games permanently.

"Not only will we ban your forum account, but if it's serious enough we'll call up customer service and have you banned from all of our games. We do not need those individuals as customers," Carlson says of the most offensive and anti-social players. "A very influential player, high up in a huge guild - we'll still ban them… In our games, if you are an exploiter we don't care who you are, how big your guild is, how many people you threaten to take with you when you go.

"We can control anybody who's playing our games…[but] if we know who you are and you're abusing somebody on Twitter, we will ban your game account and we will not accept you as a customer ever again. It's not always possible to identify people [in that way], but we take that seriously."
I recommend reading the article before commenting as it will give you the whole picture not just the quote.

More information.
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