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September 22nd, 2013, 14:11
Originally Posted by zahratustra View Post
But good fantasy story (be it book, film or game) has to be internally consistent and logical. So reality (broadly speaking) and fantasy aren't mutually exclusive.
Reality and fantasy are mutually exclusive.

Reality is by default consistent and logical (as consistency and logics are models built to grasp reality). Fantasy can be consistent or not.

Big confusion between credibility and realism.

Picture this:

Super villain rapes superhero's girl friend. Super villain killed adoptive parents. Super hero swears vengeance on supervillain.

Scene: supervillain knocks at super hero's door. Door opens and the super hero invites the supervillain in. Supervillain has brought food with him, tasty kryptonite cereals based and offers them to super hero who accepts to eat them right now, knowing they are full of kryptonite. Nevertheless, superhero states this wont prevent him from getting his vengeance on the villain.

Additional bit: both know that kriptonite is lethal to the super hero.

Many wont found this kind of scene credible or consitent. In all cases, there is no realism in it.

Reality is by default consistent and credible (cant do otherwise) Does not mean that credible or consistent things bear the mark of realism.
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