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September 22nd, 2013, 13:51
I've been playing a whole heck of GTA5, and I'm about 30% into it, acording to the completion meter. I've been taking my time, exploring, doing side-stuff, and only after that doing main missions. And it's a blast. It's amazing how much they managed to squeeze in. I love the random events that they took from Red Dead Redemption.

And Trevor is definitely the highlight character. He's one twisted sick bastard. But funny as hell. Amazing how much there is to do in this game. And I still need to get a hold of the economy. Because buying some of the businesses is really expensive, and I don't feel like playing the stock-market.

My favorite moment so far:

Most freaky moment so far:

But I've been having a blast. The only issue I have is with the targeting. I can't seem to nail it down. I refuse to play with auto-targeting or even assisted targeting, so I have stick behind cover all the time, to try and line-up my shots. Otherwise I'm awful at targeting, and usually get killed in a matter of moments. That's why I'm also waiting for it on PC. I'll probably get it for PC for the better controls and better graphics. Also, GTA Online will be tons better on PC.

Anyone else enjoying it?
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