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September 22nd, 2013, 14:23
"The gaming world does attract more than its fair share of this kind of thing, though, largely because the gaming world continues to attract a core audience of young males - essentially the same people who are most likely to act as online trolls and abusers, it seems. It's Catch-22, of course - trolling and flaming makes the community less attractive to people from other groups (women, minorities, other demographics, etc.), which means we remain stuck with a core audience of young males, and so the cycle continues."
BoB Fahey Gameindustry Int.

It is striking how similar this phenomenon is to the situation in European football in late 1980s and early 1990s… During this time the game of football ceased to be entertainment for all and become dominated by crowds of "fans" to whom a match was just an excuse for the release of their pent up anger, hatred and violence. And the anonymity of the crowd played (IMO) a significant role in the growth and spread of "football hooliganism".
It took about 10 years to bring this situation under control and it costed millions. How long it will take to deal with the most obnoxious of internet trolls and griefers? And can they ever be dealt with successfully?
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