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September 22nd, 2013, 19:19
I know several people that won't buy digital games unless they are on Steam, which makes no sense to me, as I would rather have the DRM-free GoG version or buy straight from the developer's web site which gives them a bigger cut.

If you like to launch everything from the Steam client, it's pretty easy to add a Non-Steam game; you just have to manually handle updates yourself for that game and it doesn't track the hours played. If the latter is really important to you, you can always use something like Gameplay Time Tracker or Xfire instead to keep track of hours played.

I am not sure that the Greenlight process is really working. Some titles I see have already been vetted on other platforms such as PSN, yet are still not released on Steam. I am also seeing announcements that a title has been greenlit, yet months will pass before it is available for purchase. Quality yet niche games such as Coyote's own Frayed Knights do not get enough votes, but all kinds of generic Zombie titles do. Greenlight has become a popularity contest, not a quality filter.

While I don't want to see Steam turn into iTunes with a huge trash to treasure ratio, there needs to be a more expedited approval process. From what I understand, under the old system before Greenlight, Valve just told you that your title was rejected, without any explanation of why or what you could change to get it approved.
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