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September 22nd, 2013, 22:29
About the rate, 3/5 is 3/5, for most people it's just a bit above the average… because it's just above the average, it's enough to not read at all the review after to have quickly check the rate at the end. You can comment as much you want each rate, this won't change this overall feeling that most people will have.

I commented only the rate because it was faster but if the rate is supposed to not reflect the point of view of the reviewer, I'd go in details to explain the rate or the review, it's the same.

Firstly two points I regret that they was unnoticed but I'm not that much surprised:

- Achieve goals in different ways at many occasions…
It's unnoticed. But ok I can admit the developers didn't choose an implementation that highlight it well, you need dig yourself the game to discover it. I regret the reviewer didn't found more time to dig better the game but I agree it can happen, it's still a very wrong point of the review.

- Gameplay density ie very few fillers…
It's just unnoticed. But ok I can admit it's fine for ton of players or there wouldn't be ton of fans of MMO or of large open but very empty worlds. I regret the reviewer is on the "wrong" side but it's hard to reproach him this.

But it's more than that those two points.

- Fights quality…
Frankly I don't understand at all this section of the review.

Firstly there's a complain about the difficulty during a large part of the game. But that trigger the question, too easy? Then why not have rise up the difficulty? Or is really the reviewer found it too easy at very hard difficulty setup? If really the reviewer found too easy the fights during a large part of the game then no wonder he couldn't appreciate them.

Secondly there's a long complain about the lack of a true save system. That long part achieve the fights and bury them in a feeling that they are a crap almost boring.

But also the reviewer is obviously not well documented because he accuses the game to have choose a too streamlined path to target mobiles. But the reality is the game is for now only released on computers and the kickstarter never ever mentioned a mobile release, only Win/Mac and later Linux. Moreover the save problem was clearly commented and the cause quoted, the engine (with a mobile origin and strongly adapted just for the game). Not only the reviewer imagine and invent stuff but also he buried deep the fights with this long section to conclude the fights section.

From my point of view it's even less forgivable because the fights quality is largely over most RPG released since 10 years. Few did better or even quite better but it's very very few. That should be a very good point of the game and the review make it almost awful.

- Story quality…
I quote : "an entertaining tale not a great one". As an ex intensive reader ie I read thousands of novels during teen and young adult age, I cannot deny it's exactly that. But when I put it in the context of RPG, I can only have a large (yellow) smile… How many CRPG reach that quality in that area? Sorry it's not a pale or average point but a strong point of the game. I did notice the highlight of the game dialogs quality but the section about the story destroys all.

I'm not surprised the reviewer ended with a bad rate, the review explains it. And it's about the review I disagree, not on all points, but on many and they are important points.

I insist I don't mean the review job is bad, many points are right, and if one point is showing a lack of documentation, it's hard to reproach it because the game interface could lead to a wrong conclusion. In fact I doubt it will be released soon on mobiles because they have to release the linux version first and the engine is involved. Secondly I doubt they'll be in hurry to break the price.
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