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September 22nd, 2013, 23:36
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It's far for being one of best I played but very unique and underrated game, that was unfortunately too slow and too long for most people.Lot of effort has been put in game amount of date that can be read by far exceeds any adventure I played.Concept was fresh and needed polish, everything could be ironed out in sequel but game did poorly on market so we will probably never see true or spiritual sequel.
I tried playing it but one day I just didn't feel like going back to it. Its biggest issue for me was that I found it just… dull. Once the novelty wears off it is revealed as a standard third person point and click adventure only with an extremely uncomfortably UI. It just felt like the gameplay consisted primarily of fighting the interface instead of solving puzzles or anything else exciting. All the dry text and the voice, acting that made me feel that the protagonist didn't really care, didn't help either.

It had an intriguing idea but I didn't feel they took advantage of it (maybe having a more independed protagonist that would take some initiative instead of requiring you to guide her step by step like in every other game would have made the difference?)
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