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September 23rd, 2013, 01:58
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
This rule was written when the typical Indie RPG was made by Spiderweb.
Yub, that's why I wrote "today" and tried to point out that times changed

I guess I wrote the reviewer because:
1. I forgot your name when writing
2. In the review you don't see the typical forum pic. I tend to associate people on the forum first with the avatar and only second with their name
3. I used it, as you use TS for Thread/Topic Starter or OP (Original Poster)

I did however rewind several times in my playthrough to try different conversation options (including skill or etiquette options) and decisions, and it was very clear that most resulted just in a few lines of different dialog, a few resulted in a different reward, but in no case could I determine any notable consequences or long-term repercussions
Imho that's exactly what is expected from a reviewer and this is what I wanted to express before (@Dusk). I didn't play a Drone Guy before, but with the other dudes in your party and all the drone shafts around you, you didn't need another playthrough to see how that works out.
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